If you’ve ever met me or read my blog before you’ve probably figured out that I’m kind of a strange person. 100% true.  Thus, unsurprisingly, a lot of strange things weird me out.  I’m not a horrible person I swear.

[Coming soon! An Incomplete List of Things That Annoy The Hell Out of Me]

-Girls with long hair riding old fashioned bikes.

Hair flowing in the wind, gliding across the sidewalk on those large bikes from the 40’s.  It looks weird… impossible to pull off without looking pompous, yet incredibly graceful.  Can’t really put why this is weird to me into words.

-People eating or drinking around me when I’m not eating.

*chew, chew,chew,chew* *swallow* Blech.  This doesn’t so much weird me out as much as it annoys the hell out of me.  But it is weird. Keep that in mind, you.


I know it’s a cultural thing but…. really, invest in a razor. NOT attractive.

-Plumber’s crack.

Not even the sexiest of people can pull it off.  Keep your ass in your pants.

-People who talk to me in the bathroom.

Don’t do it, just don’t.  A bathroom should be a place of solitude. That applies to you, guy in the adjacent shower stall.  I don’t care how badly you need to borrow soap, weird.

-80’s/early 90’s synth music.

Like the theme to Seinfeld or anything on PBS in the early 90’s. Or that space music from the late 80’s.  Gives me the willies.


They used to play Enya at daycare for naptime, I hated naptime.

-Canadian accents.

There’s just something not quite right aboot them.

-Prolonged eye contact.

I think that may mean I’m slightly autistic…

-Excessively old people.

I have nothing against them, I just am afraid they’ll break or like die around me.

-Also babies, but that’s really similar to old people.  They’re really fragile and they smell funny.

-Suns with faces.

No explanation for this one, I just can’t STAND suns with faces.  Who thought it was a good idea to put a face on a sun??  It doesn’t make sense, it’s not necessary, and it’s creepy.

-I’m not gonna mention clowns.

Because freaking everyone says they’re weirded out by clowns. You’re hilarious, you clownaphobe you.

WTF teletubbies, WTF. Double whammy.

There are a ton more, but uh, those Nazi Zombies won’t kill themselves,