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Movie Review: Bridesmaids

From Clerks to The Hangover, the R-rated comedy genre has been long dominated by men.  Movies featuring female leads and feminine plot lines are entertaining, in fact I enjoy watching “chick flicks” as much as any woman, but they never quite cross that line into crude, laugh-till-you-cry hilarity that is common to comedies featuring male leads.

Bridesmaids finally bridges that gap between chick flicks and R-rated comedy, and it does it with force.

At left: Mellissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Rose Byrne, Wendy McLendon-Covey, Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wiig

Bridesmaids proves once and for all that women can make fun of themselves and be as ungraceful and colorful as any male lead, with awkward and brash performances reminiscent of Zach Galifianakis or Seth Rogen.  The men in the movie are all fairly minor characters, even the future husband of the bride that is the movie’s namesake only gets a minute or two of screen time.  The biggest male parts were played by Jon Hamm, who plays the douchebag sex buddy who Wiig’s character shouldn’t be with, and Chris O’Dowd, who plays the lovable bumbling cop and love interest, Rhodes. It’s clear that the women are the stars here, and they aren’t upstaged by anyone.

Kristen Wiig is hawt.

Kristen Wiig brings more than her usual simple-minded, one-dimensional SNL characters to the big screen as the insecure, short-fused, and dorky, but kind-hearted and adorable Annie in BridesmaidsWiig was a co-writer, so naturally the movie showcases her throughout, but she doesn’t fail to deliver.  Her hilarious performance made me laugh out loud more times than I can count, accompanied by almost as many cringes at the awkward situations she frequently got herself into.  There were moments of the movie that were almost painful due to their sheer awkwardness. At times I hated her, at times I felt sorry for her, at times I laughed my ass off at her, but by the end I loved her.  Before Bridesmaids I wasn’t much of  Kristen Wiig fan, but now I look forward to her future performances on the big screen as a comedic star.

As for the other performances, they’re all pretty solid, with a standout performance from relative unknown Melissa McCarthy as Megan, the butch, crazy, and hilariously awkward sister-in-law of the bride to be.    Some moments with McCarthy however, felt forced and could have been left out, but overall I enjoyed her off beat and very brash performance.  She definitely took a page from Zach Galifianakis’ playbook from The Hangover in her depiction of the slightly crazy Megan.

There weren’t any particularly bad performances, but Ellie Kemper as the innocent Becca played the same character as she does on the office, and Maya Rudolph was Maya Rudolph, I’ve never really been a big fan of hers, and Bridesmaids didn’t really change my opinion.  The stars of the show were clearly Wiig and McCarthy.

If I had a nit to pick however, it would be that the plot is exactly what you’d expect from  a chick flick.  Everything happens the way you expect it to, but then again I didn’t really have a problem with that.  Also, Chris O’Dowd’s character with the Irish accent was a little strange, I’m not sure why they took him in that direction. Apart from some forced humor and predictable plot lines, the movie worked for me.

Don’t go see Bridesmaids expecting a revolutionary story with lots of character development and plot twists, go see Bridesmaids to laugh your ass off with your girlfriend or boyfriend, with your best friend, or with your closest enemy.  Everyone can get something out of Bridesmaids, except maybe your grandparents and your impressionable young nephews.  Don’t take them to go see it. Just don’t.

Bridesmaids is a feminine breakthrough into the world of raunchy male comedy, and it works.

My consensus?  On a scale of ”  ” to “I also think Kristen Wiig is smokin’ hot…” I give it a “I also think Kristen Wiig is smokin’ hot”

The Tomatometer never lies,


P.S. There is a lot I left out in the review, but I know how short your attention spans are on the internet, so just go see the movie for the rest. Do it.  A definitely R-rated trailer can be seen here.

Man, I don’t even know where to start with this one…

When I first heard about Prince of Persia I was excited, because I had played the video game and I thought a movie based on it would be awesome.  But then, being the Tomatometer Troll I am, I read the reviews. Yikes.

Now, I have a tendency to trust the Tomatometer a bit too much, so I end up not watching movies I’m interested in solely because of the reviews.  So when Prince of Persia came on TV at my house, I decided to donate two hours of my time to it and see if the internet might be mistaken, which can happen.

It wasn’t mistaken.

Prince of Persia: the Sands of Mediocrity is the story of Jake Gyllenhaal in need of a haircut traipsing through Egpyt/New Zealand fighting off baddies with a hot princess (whoa, SEXUAL TENSION) a few choice slow-mo moves and a bunch of special effects, to return a magical dagger that can rewind time to the hot princess’s castle (which happens to be directly above the place where if you stick the dagger apparently the whole world explodes).

This would probably be a better movie... also, LOLOLOL

Plot is forgone for displays of what can be done with a computer and slow motion homages to the message board fanboys who played the video games. I still don’t know what happened at the end of the movie.  There was a lot of anguished yelling, a bunch of falling sand, a weird 10 minute segment featuring two dudes holding the dagger and yelling profusely, whilst surrounded by some kind of rainbow sand tornado that somehow resolved the conflict and sent Jake Gyllenhaal back to the beginning of the movie.

The dialog  sounds like it was written by some pale, sunken-eyed 13-year-old in his basement after doing unspeakable things while he watched Lord of the Rings.  The comic relief is forced and awkward, like the time that 13-year-old went to  the school dance and ended up peeing in the punch bowl in front of the horrified chaperones.  Somebody probably laughed, but most of them probably just looked away.

There were a few slight redeeming factors to the movie, chiefly that some of the action was pretty cool, especially if you had played the video games.  There were a couple cool moments of neat cinematography, of horses galloping through the desert, but not much effort was made in that area.

According to Prince of Persia:

-Having a beard and eyeliner inherently makes you Persian.

-No matter the time or place or number of bad guys, there is always time for a tender moment of prolonged loving eye contact and a soft embrace.

-Any problem can be solved with a bunch of yelling and some gratuitous special effects.

-Talking with a fake British accent makes everything seem historic. Because everyone in the past, especially Persians, spoke with fake, vaguely British accents.

Maybe a little harsh,


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