Miss me? Two whole days without a post, I feel guilty. I didn’t break my streak without reason however.  On Saturday I helped out in a  production assistant role on an independent film from before 6 am to 8:30 pm.  I will admit that a couple hours of that was transit time to and from the set, located somewhere in between nowhere and Cushing, Oklahoma.  Every country road looks about the same in the dark, and I have never been so happy to see the words “Welcome to Stillwater” in my life.

The movie is a really neat project by a local guy who’s always dreamed of being a director, and you can check it out at the movie’s blog, leftofcentermovie.wordpress.com (I guess this link doesn’t work, just paste it into your address bar if you want to see it.)

The strangest thing about my two day absence from the blogosphere is that my views actually went up.  More people read my blog on the days I didn’t post anything than on the preceding day on which I posted.  I don’t know if you’re trying to tell me I shouldn’t post anymore, or you just were so concerned about my lack of post that you checked my site for it numerous times.

This is getting a bit too diary-esque; on to the nonsense.

Mcdonald’s new slogan I heard on the radio: “the simple joy of Angus”. Whoa there, McDonalds, you’re one letter away from something I do not want to think about while I’m eating a hamburger.

Girls, I think you’re prettiest without makeup, because I like you for you, not for the picture you paint of yourself. Any guy who’s worth your time feels the same way.

Save recyclable bottles apart from trash for months, go to recycle center, bin is full.  Sheepishly put bottles in trash.

I work out three times a week to give my narcissism a base in reality. (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/narcissism)

Every open container of colored soda is implanted with a sensor that detects nearby electronics and stainable materials.  When that open container is sensed to be within optimal spilling distance from an electronic device or stainable material it’s stability is exponentially decreased.  The only thing I can do to fight it is wear more Dr. Pepper colored clothing and never drink and blog.

I’m not disobeying your traffic laws out of spite, Government; I just respectfully disagree with your placement of that stop sign.

And I am like the pied piper of awkward situations. (I made this picture btw, yay me.)

One thousand and forty-nine served,


P.S. If you like what you read here, tell your friends! I like the attention. (Refreshingly honest, no?)

P.P.S I’m not quite that much of an attention whore, but if you like it, why not let other people enjoy it too? :)