In this troubled economic climate, it’s more essential than ever to be smart about how you manage your money.  I’ve compiled a short list of self tested money managing tips to help you keep a close watch on your blah blah blah money managing is boring. I hate it too, so here are some easy ways to manage your money without managing your money.


– Live spontaneously.

Don’t keep a record of your checking account.  That way when you get your bank statements you can either be pleasantly surprised by the numbers there, or if they’re somewhat low, you won’t have any notion that they should be anything else.

– Cash is your friend. 

Besides, you look like a badass when you pay with that wad of cash. People will notice.

Only pay for things in cash.  Writing checks in a store is tedious.  Everyone is mad at you for taking so long.  Debit cards allow you to spend all of your money instantly.  Credit cards are scary.  Since I’m too lazy to get cash out of the bank, I usually don’t have much money on me, so I can’t spend much money.

– Don’t pay sales tax.

Order everything online.  Can you say free shipping? Besides, no matter what you ordered, it’s like Christmas when the package gets there.

– Invest.

Don’t gamble with your money, instead of buying stocks or playing black jack, invest that money in something tangible you’ll get lots of entertainment out of like a PS3! Your returns won’t be monetary, but you can’t put a price tag on happiness.

– Be a good friend.

Your friends won’t learn the value of hard work and saving if you’re constantly lending them money!  Besides, they’re never going to pay you back anyway.  And, instead of buying them Christmas and birthday gifts, just tell them about my blog, the best gift of all.

– Make good lifestyle choices.

Be a loser.  Simple, if you don’t go out, you don’t spend money!  Especially effective if you’re single, girlfriends are expensive.

– Court success.

Marry into money.  Enough said.