Actually, I’m not going to talk about Rapture much, I don’t want to give it the “Friday” treatment.  I just that I wish its believers would have gone the way of the red Kool-Aid, (okay that’s a touch on the insensitive side, I’m not a Nazi I swear) although I think this is substantially more

Professor Baddass has a public announcement

embarrassing.  It made for some entertaining reading this weekend though, that’s for sure, stupid people are the funniest.  At least they all get to survive to vote for Palin 2012 though! That is, unless the world ends first……. O.o

Did I just post a political opinion? Oops.

That embarrassing moment when you look in the mirror after a long day at work and realize that one sideburn is half an inch shorter than the other.  And that it’s been like that for at least a week.

Ah! Look away! I’m wearing stripes and plaid at the same time!!

My list of things to buy right now includes one of those skinny, 60’s era ties, Dexter seasons 1-4, some Blues Brothers sunglasses, a graphics card, and an 800 dollar camera.  Not necessarily related.  Or are they?

Too bad you stopped selling those tiny remote controlled cars Radio Shack, you would have made at least 30 bucks off of me with an impulse buy the other day.

Do you ever start going down some stairs when there are people around, and you get so focused on not looking weird going down the stairs in front of the people that you forget how to descend a staircase? …Yeah, me either, that would be weird.

Inside jokes are insensitive to the Friendless-American demographic, although we’re not very organized, because that might involve making friends.

I just saw an ad promising to teach me how to buy happiness with money.  I already know how to do that though, it’s called Legos.


Or candy.

Or expensive technology like Ps3s and cameras that I probably don’t need.

Jesus, I am like a 12 year old.

If you’re a nerd like me, and you’re looking for some quality entertainment this summer you should check out the HBO series Game of Thrones.  It’s like Lord of the Rings but HBO-ifyed.  Gratuitous nudity and violence abound as political games are played and power takes its toll on everyone it touches.  It’s nothing breathtakingly original, but it’s damn entertaining, and I can’t wait till the next episode comes out.  Make sure to read some kind of plot synopsis first though, I was terribly confused at first. Sundays at 9/8c.

Also, if you’ve watched it, Tyrion Lannister, the snarky, high-born midget is like my favorite character ever.

If you’re addicted to sugar, the candy aisle at Sam’s Club is a dangerous place…. As evidenced by the case of pretzel M&M’s to my right, and the spiking levels of blood sugar in my veins.

I’m going to go jogging with friends like a socially and physically active person would,

That was a lie,