I figure since the world is ending in a few hours I ought to make my last blog post a somewhat helpful one, so I’ll be remembered by the atheists as a smart person.

When was the last time you just existed?  

As humans we constantly feel the need to be doing something.  If we’re just sitting there we feel unproductive, and like we’re wasting time.  When a dog just sits there nobody criticizes it for being lazy and wasting it’s time, it’s just being, it’s not doing.  

That’s the difference between between humans and animals, animals exist and humans do. 

I think that we as a species should try to just exist more.  Last night was a beautiful night, 70 degrees and windless.  After I got off work, I went outside and sat in a chair.  I just existed after my long day of doing, and it felt horrible.

At first.

I felt this itch, like I needed to go do something.  I had to check Facebook, watch TV, or even (God forbid) read.  I sat through it though, and eventually I got into this extremely relaxing mental state of being.  Afterwards I felta little melancholy, as thinking too much is prone to do to a person, but very relaxed and calm, peaceful.

Insert racial stereotype here.

I suppose that’s what meditation is, but when I think of meditation I think of some bald-headed, Gandhi-looking guru in colorful robes sitting cross-legged and “ahhhmmmmmmmm”-ing with his hands outstretched to his sides.

I was just sitting in a lawn chair, reeking of Asian food, thinking, and enjoying the weather.

Worth a try,