I haven’t posted in over a week.  I wasn’t just facing writers block, I was discovering the many ways how not to write a blog post. Don’t worry, none of them involve having a life.  [Reminiscent, sympathy-invoking sentence omitted.]

Big news though, since having tremendous amounts of free time during the summer is apparently frowned upon when you’re 19, I applied for and got my first desk job! I’ll be working this summer and into the fall as a Student Assistant to the President here at Oklahoma State.  Due to the public nature of the office however, I am not allowed to disclose the daily comings and goings of the office, so this will probably be all I can say about it.  Just assume that I’m usually doing something really important and top secret.

So that’s pretty cool.

On an unrelated note, I just accidentally ate an entire bag of Flamin’ Hot Munchies  and a box of Hot Tamales (endorsement deal?).  I feel like death, but it was soooo grooood.

~Transitional sentence~

(In no particular oder)


10.) Write a blog post by playing Portal 2

Portal 2 is not blogging, and is incredibly addicting.  Thus, no posts.

9.) Write at work

I work in a computerless restaurant. And I don’t have a smart phone.  I have a dumb phone, so it doesn’t work out.

8.) Write blog posts during dead (pre-finals) week

Can you say 9 page research paper on the obesity epidemic in America, its causes, and its effects? Oh and a 20 page power point comparing the  stock market crash of 1720 with the one of 2008.  And I had to write my own obituary for the death part of Developmental Psychology.  So in case you didn’t connect the dots there, my point was that I was incredibly busy.

 7.) Write by working on a movie set

It’s true! I’m working part time as an intern in the art department of a movie filming around Stillwater. It’s called Cowgirls and Sweethearts I think, and it stars James Cromwell from the movie Babe.  Anyway, hard work, can’t write blog posts there.

6.) Write while sickish

Sore throats and eye infections aren’t very funny.  And no, that does not count as being sick, if you’re keeping track.

5.) Be a nerd

You might think being a nerd would help when it comes to something as time consuming as blogging, but not when you’re in the computer lab playing League of Legends with your nerdy friends till 4:30am.

4.) Write blog posts during finals week

Yeah I was still just playing Portal 2.

3.) Write while pretending to be a photographer

I’ve taken up photography as a hobby on the side, so I recently took my sister’s senior pictures. I’m buying a much nicer camera this summer too, so if you’re interested in having your senior pictures or just some random glamor shots taken by moi, let me know.  If you want to see how my sister’s pictures turned out they can be found here (I think). For real though, if you’re interested I don’t charge much (if I charge at all), and it’ll only be a little awkward.  Mostly fun though I promise.  Not in a creepy way.

Shameless self-promotion aside, photography is time consuming, and it takes away from blogging time.

2.) Try to write a blog

Turns out it’s way harder to write a blog post when you actually try.

1.) Try to write by entering your computer Tron-style

I made this one up because I couldn’t think of ten.  But wouldn’t it be cool??

I’m back,