I’m super busy today, so here are some awesome pictures of hilarity and attractive people.  Who doesn’t like looking at funny stuff and pictures of people who are prettier than them?

Happy Weekend!


Ah haha, math joke.

Cute. Overload.


You gotta watch out for those giant, jagged red arrows, they'll getcha.

Do I have to explain why this is hilarious?

Now for some of my favorite attractive people.  A full post on this coming soon. Explanations and such. So this is like a preview. If I remember to make the actual post.


Anybody who knows me knows I couldn't not start off with RDJ.


She makes me understand Oedipal complexes. A certain four letter acronym that starts with M comes to mind…
My New Zealand men. Mine.
Stunning is the only word I have to describe Olivia Wilde.


The always classy, always beautiful Zooey Deschanel. Those eyes....

This one is just for fun, see if you can guess who it is. He's a personal hero of mine. Hint: hover mouse over picture.

I’ve got tons more of these on my computer…. Because you can never have too many pictures of attractive people.  Yeah I saw your mind go into the gutter there, THAT’S not what I meant.   I plan on devoting an entire post, probably several posts to beautiful people.

Not doing anything I wouldn’t do if you were here,