There are a lot of abbreviations floating around in the internets, but what exactly do they mean?  Well I’m not exactly sure, but the following are some overgeneralized translations for when I use this internet slang.


Hahahaha, drowning is funny. I smiled at this, and probably would have ironically typed "lol"

Officially an acronym for “laugh out loud,” I’m not actually laughing out loud when I type lol. At best it’s a smirk.   If I type LOL in caps, then maybe I chuckled silently.  Basically lol is just a placeholder, used to set a general tone of silliness, so as to not sound like an unfeeling robot of a person.  It can also be used to evoke sympathy, as it ironically juxtaposes with some misery that has befallen me (ex. Me- “lol, I have no friends”  Other person- “Aww, you poor thing!”)

Side note: “Lawl” is just a phonetic pronunciation of “lol.”  Lawl is used if someone feels they use lol too often. It can also be used to denote a sarcastic, probably hurtful lack of lol-ing at your joke.


I’m either using the restroom, stuffing my face, or avoiding an awkward conversation topic.


Denotes a silly or playful tone.  Woefully overused by myself.  No one actually sticks their tongue out like that at the end of a sentence.


With explanation= I have to go do [this]. (ex. I gtg eat dinner!)

without explanation= I’m bored and leaving. (ex. I gtg.)

Uh, this is embarrassing… After starting this post I realized I had tons of homework for my Intro to Lit class, and now I have to go to work so I can’t really finish it…. Unless you want a rousing summary of Herman Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivner, this’ll have to be it for today.  Let’s be honest though, it wasn’t really going anywhere anyway, was it? I feel like could have done more with the topic, I was trying too hard.  Maybe I’ll finish it another day.

::Spoiler Alert!!:: (I probably won’t finish it another day.)

Semi-productively (for a change) yours,