1: What Does ARomDoms.Com Stand For?

ARomDoms= Andrew Romans Dominates.  The .Com is because it’s on the internet.

Rule 1a. Who the Flip is Andrew Romans?

I’m a Freshman Sophomore Junior in college, I like writing, movies, and photography, I’m 64 percent crazy, and I have internet access and fingers so it all works out.

Or you can check out my Facebook page for a less artsy response with fewer commas. http://www.facebook.com/andrew.romans

2: Pseudo-Stream of Consciousness Blogging*

Most of my “Observations on Life” posts are in this form.

Because segues are for squares.  All you need to know is that just because one sentence follows another, it doesn’t mean they’re related in any way.  They might be, but chances are their only relation is their proximity on the page.  However, for ease of reading, separate thoughts are usually on separate lines or bulleted.

The reason? My attention span for reading bloggish material on the internet is incredibly short, any more than a paragraph or two at a time and I’ve probably stopped reading.  YOUR BLOG IS TOO LONG.

Starting a revolution here.

*I add “pseudo” because I’m not actually writing thoughts as they enter my head, nor are my posts typically in narrative form,  I only imitate my often scatterbrained thought process.

3: This is Not a Diary

Save that s*** for Xanga.  Unless you’re a famous person nobody wants to read that. Occasional glimpses of my state of mind are shared, but I understand that no one on the internet cares how my day was.

4: I Do What I Want

My blog is like a window into my mind.  It may be a stained glass window, but if you look hard enough you can still kind of see what goes on inside.  (Wow, deep.) Sometimes I get in weird philosophical moods, and I write introspective crap that no one probably wants to read.  Sometimes I write movie reviews.  Sometimes I don’t write anything.  My point is that ARomDoms.Com is like a bowl of trailmix, you can either pick out the M&M’s and feed the rest to the birds, or you can eat all of it at once, and get the true essence of my person.

Like just then, I said “true essence of my person,” gag me.

So that’s about it.

Welcome to ARomDoms.Com,