I am a nerd.

Today is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Europe in World War II, so if you know a D-Day or World War II veteran, make sure you thank them for their service to humanity, because sadly you probably wont have too many more years to do it.  They would probably hate my blog… Also watch Saving Private Ryan, but only if you’re with people you’re comfortable crying around.

It’s hot outside.  I like it.  Then again, I wouldn’t want to be out working in it. But I wouldn’t want to be out working in any weather, so that’s probably part of it. I was talking to a middle schooler the other day, and he mentioned several times how much he hated school.  I said surely he couldn’t hate all of school, and I asked what part of school he hated.  His response was, “I just hate the questions,” and he didn’t know why teachers had to ask him questions they already knew the answers to. I still haven’t decided if his answer was naive or incredibly wise.

It’s always weird when somebody drives past your office window if your window isn’t facing a street or a parking lot…

I recently ate at a restaurant at which I ordered a Kobe beef hamburger.  I think the best part was the smell of affluence when I walked in the door.

When I talk to girls I always make sure to look them straight in the eye or off to the side when I’m talking to them.  Mostly out of respect, but also to make sure they know I’m not looking at their boobs.

Just F.Y.I. ladies, that’s really hard to do when you have something written on your shirt.  Trying to discreetly  read it without looking like I’m staring at your chest is an awkward dance.  What is your goal with the chest literature?? It’s confusing!

One thing I’ll never understand is Giant Smarties.  Nobody likes smarties, they’re the bastard candy of the trick-or-treat bag, left unwanted for months until they’re rediscovered and eaten out of sheer boredom.  So why would


you want giant, chalky tabs of sour, flavorless awfulness?

Apologies to anyone in the Smartie-loving demographic (if you’re real), but you have terrible taste in candy. You’re also a chalk-eating robot.

Lunch breaks are a rare thing for me, I usually get by on Coffee Mate and butter mints.   Don’t judge me.

Sometimes I wish my life was a teen movie, they always work out so nicely.

On that subject (whoa, coherence): Everyone is the protagonist in their own life movie.  Though I’m the protagonist is quite a few people’s life movies..

Seriously though, everybody thinks they’re the good guy, keep that in mind the next time someone pisses you off, he’s probably just advancing his own plot line.

Also remember this: “…much has been gained if we succeed in turning your hysterical misery into common unhappiness.” -Sigmund Freud

I guess that’s sort of related? I’m going with yes.

I blame the heat,


P.S. As of two days ago this is my new favorite song. (Ignore the video, it’s weird and unrelated.)