[I wrote this a few days ago, but didn’t post it for whatever reason.  Anyway I bought a Canon Rebel T2i yesterday, and I love it so far, pictures to come after I upload my old pictures. ]

I dabble in photography, so the only logical thing to do is spend a thousand bucks on a camera.  Which I plan to do this weekend.  To commemorate this monumental splurge, I have decided to post some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken with my cheaper camera so far in my photography “career.”

The camera I have right now is a Canon Powershot SX130 IS, which I highly reccomend as an entry-level point and shoot, I got some great pictures with it.

I fully expect the pictures I take with the nicer camera to be 3 times as good, because it’s three times as expensive. *pangs of pre-purchase regret*

I guess this is like a portfolio?

So this first set is just some odds and ends from around my house/dorm, artsy fartsyness.

Clearly an amateur,


P.S. The rest is coming like, next week. Along with new stuff, because I know how much you like looking at pictures. Oh and other actual posts are coming too, my bloggy senses are tingling.   But that could also just be the mouse in my bed in my grandma’s basement.