I actually wrote this yesterday, but a post on two consecutive days is unheard of for me.

So I’ve noticed over the last couple of years  that some people find me attractive.  Obviously, as evidenced by the numerous pictures of myself on my blog, I share that sentiment in the most narcissistic way possible.  However, I’ve noticed that the other people who find me attractive are not the young, pretty girls my age that I want to attract, instead it’s mostly gay guys and middle aged women.  Explain that to me, what about my appearance is attractive to the gay guy and middle-aged women demographic and not the datable young women demographic??  Are they just more desperate, thus lowering their standards? I have nothing wrong with gays and older women, but seeing as how I’m straight and 19, they aren’t datable.  If someone could explain this weird phenomenon to me, I would very much appreciate it.

I had my first Vegemite sandwich today.  Contrary to what I’ve heard, I actually really enjoyed it, or as they would say in Australia, I actually really enjoyed it.

Time for some life advice, young readers.

           People always tell you that working in the food service business is the worst and to be avoided at all costs right?  Suck it up and get a job in the food service anyway you pansy.  Why? Because after washing dishes, clearing tables, taking out the trash, and coming home every night exhausted and smelling like Asian food, you will appreciate much more the jobs you hold later in life.

I know that I’m not exactly a seasoned veteran of the working world, but at the ripe old age of 19, I’ve worked at a Japanese restaurant for almost 3 years, and I’ve already felt the positive effects.  At work the other day at my new office job I was briefed on the horrors of “trash duty,” which is a biweekly chore that consists of emptying all the smaller trash bags in the office into one larger bag, and then taking that larger bag just outside the office.  Compared to the seafood-filled, soy sauce-soaked, generally gross trash from a restaurant, office trash was nothing.  Seriously, office trash isn’t even trash compared to restaurant trash.  It doesn’t even have to be trash related, but if you start at the bottom even the most minuscule step up is an improvement, and it will make working a lot more pleasant.

Just some friendly, unsolicited life advice from your friendly neighborhood bloggerman.

Did I really just call myself bloggerman? Gross.

R.I.P. Quiznos Honey Bacon Club, you will always be remembered as the best sandwich known to man.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of my views are pity refreshes and seedy East Asian financial advice scams, so… Thanks for stopping by, actual humans out there.

Sorry for the Saturdowner,