So it turns out having two jobs is exhausting.  Yeah I know it’s only two part time jobs, and it’s the summer and all but to be fair, most people with 2 jobs aren’t lazy jerks like myself.  So basically it’s not my fault, waaaahh.  Anyway, I’ve been working a lot lately, and I can only hope that whatever I waste my paychecks on is worth it.

I wish I could hold an international conference of Andrew Romans’s, just out of curiosity.

Working int he president’s office is doing strange things to my summer.  Normally right now I would be sleeping till lunch, growing a beard, and cargo shortsing it up.  Instead I go to work at 8 every morning, have to shave every day, and dress like I’m about to go yachting.  I guess that’s what grownup summers are like.

Man, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I hate it when you’re walking down a long hallway and there’s someone on the other end walking towards you.  I never know what to do! Do I stare them down the entire time like it’s a duel? Do I avoid eye contact the entire time like they’re freaking Medusa? I usually end up staring at the floor or the ceiling and making brief, intermittent glances in their direction until I get close, when I finally make brief eye contact.  If they’re an old lady I smile politely, if it’s an attractive female I smile coyly, though I suspect it comes off as more of a grimace, I am not good with facial expressions, and if it’s a dude I sort of nod and look serious. I’m weird.

Being skin-cancer free is nice and all but man, If I go outside shirtless my extreme whiteness is a hazard to passing planes.  It’s my Norwegian heritage, I’ve evolved to blend in with the snow.

I was cleaning out my room the other day and I found an old poetry project from a high school English class, man I was a dork.  Thank god I grew out of that stage…

Maybe if someone convinces me I’ll post a couple of them sometime. ;)

Probably not,


P.S. I am having a hard time writing lately, if anyone has any blog requests or ideas let me know, it would be much appreciated!!

P.P.S. Really, no one ever responds to these requests, but e-mail me, facebook me, comment on here, whatever! Just let me know your ideas, your thoughts and comments, anything you jerks. :)