As my views spiral down toward nonexistence, I feel compelled to explain my absence from the blogosphere *shudders at the word “blogoshpere” *. Whether or not there was any concern for my return to posting I’m not aware, but in my mind someone was concerned.  Thanks for caring, you!


Sorry for the week long post hiatus, I was on vacation in sunny Paperlandia.  And by vacation I mean the exact opposite of that.  I’ve been doing lots of work.  Lot’s of incredibly stressful, time consuming, sub par work.  And by sunny I mean dismal and awful in every way.  College is hard.

I posted this on my Facebook a while back. I didn't take it, but I'm not sure who did, so to avoid plagiarism: Credit to the clever bastard wrote this on his or her test.

Also my Asian friends are way too persuasive when it comes to talking me into staying up until 4:30 in the morning playing online video games.

The right amount of Easter candy is way too much Easter candy.  And I will eat it all.

In my family it’s less celebrating Easter and more celebrating Get Jesus Christ Superstar Stuck In Your Head For Eternity Day.

I’m not sure what logic led the cleaning lady to clean the bathroom at 10:00 am, but that led to an incredibly awkward post-shower encounter.

Note to self: when taunting the misting weather to man up and actually rain, make sure you you have a jacket.  In case the weather actually mans up and rains.

Don’t worry, procrastination, half-assery, and Facebook are all important parts of my Writing Process.

I endeavored to write a quality post today, but college has said otherwise, so I apologize for this less than satisfying entry. I also feel sickish, booooo.

On the brink of implosion,