Everybody could use a little more adorable in their life.

Don’t you hate that?  The internet sucks sometimes.

Today is Monday.  Obviously. I am officially sick of Rebecca Black weekday jokes, so I’ll spare you if you spare my Facebook.

My dorm floor smells like something different every day.  Anything from burnt popcorn, to “oh my God, what is that smell?”, my dorm floor is a regular olfactory adventure.  Today’s flavor? Spaghettio’s and piss!

Ugh. Sorry for that.

With the regularity of a rooster announcing the arrival of dawn, the guy a few doors down who yells f*** in the hallway and then slams his door announces the arrival of 3 am.

Anyone interested in free flash drives should just follow me around when I go to computer labs, because nine times out of ten the answer to “Did I leave my damn flash drive in the lab again?” is “Yes.  Very Yes.”

Update: I’m actually writing this blog from the lab, because I had to retrieve my flash drive.  I don’t make this stuff up.

It gets awkward when someone is using the computer I left it in, and I have to nonchalantly walk past them and pull it out without looking like A.) a moron for leaving my flash drive in the computer or B.) a creeper trying to smell their hair or mess with their computer or something creepy.

I bought a new deodorant the other day endorsed by Bear Grylls, it even has his picture on the lid.  Of all the people to market deodorant, why him?? In all of his episodes he ends up covered in mud and leeches, eats a large bug, and then gets naked and pees on himself, because that’s apparently the solution to 70% of the problems one encounters in the wilderness.

I do not want to smell like that.

Update: being the connoisseur of deodorant that I am, it actually ended up smelling pretty good, and I’ll probably use it for a couple of weeks before I pick a new scent.

Whenever you see someone walking down the sidewalk smiling, what’s the first thing you think? That they’re happy? No, you think they’re crazy, and probably that their imaginary friend just told them a really funny joke.  It’s weird… Happy people….

Instead of putting up signs with rules on them, I want to put up signs that just say “No.” on them.  That way people wont be sure what not to do, and they’ll be extra careful not to do anything bad.

I’m not sure it’s a refusal to fail, as much as a refusal to admit failure.

Hot fashion tip! Guys, don’t tuck your t-shirts into your khaki’s. As slimming as it might be, you look weird.  And it’s not slimming.  You just look weird.

Almost summer,


P.S. Only one filler picture today! :D Although those are likely your favorite part….