Just kidding, I don’t sleep.  I just wanted you to read this.

Do you ever walk up to automatic doors only to have them not open? I do.  And I can think of only 3 possible scenarios.  (A) I’m a ghost.  (B) I should be a burglar.  or (C) All of the above.

Guys, why does the bathroom smell like pot? Actually, I’m pretty sure I know why the bathroom smells like pot, and what I meant to say was, ARE YOU RETARDED?

Must have been a slow news cycle. Or else the other news channels are doing it wrong.

I can’t remember the last time I walked into my room and my roommate wasn’t playing Starcraft. Wait, sometimes he’s asleep.  Oh and there was a short period of time where it was Call of Duty instead, so, I guess there’s that.

On an unrelated note, hey Allen, glad you’re taking a Starcraft break!

When I see someone I know when I’m walking to class wearing my headphones, I often say something in addition to a friendly smile or wave.  Most of the time afterwards I have no idea what I said, or if the noise I made was even vaguely intelligible.

Hey, dude with the cargo shorts and fanny pack, why do you need both? That’s the point of cargo shorts.  They are the utility belt of the pants world.  Do you really have THAT much small stuff to carry on your way to class?  Also, you reek of sunscreen and loneliness.

Too soon?

My review of Dead Space 2:  Flashlight flashlight flashlight, blood on the walls, flashlight flashlight, creepy sound effect, flashlight flashli–HOLY SHIIIII- pause, change your pants- IIT!!!!!! Shooting shooting shooting, flashlight flashlight flashlight…. (repeat until all you dream about for the next week is a zombie apocalypse.)

I have 12 papers to write,


P.S. I’m thinking about changing the title for my blog to attract more views, so if you have any ideas, feel free to Facebook message me, send me an e-mail, or write it in blood on my wall.  Whatever works for you! I’ll get a poll set up somewhere so I can make it official-like.