I don’t have time to write this today.  I’ve got to read a novel about stock fraud and prepare 3 topics for a cultural discussion tomorrow.  But I’m going to write it anyway.

Mostly because I got a grand total of 4 views yesterday, an all time low.  It makes me sad. Tell your friends about my site!

An embarrassing moment followed when I tried to look cool and kick the turnstile and step through it gracefully and stylishly, only to remember that the physics of it cause it to inevitably swing around and hit me in the crotch.  Meant to do that…

Shut up, cheerful cardinal on my windowsill, I’m trying to mope.

If you’re ever in the mood for horrible weather, try planning an outdoor event, guaranteed to be awful.

This is how my blog works. Just FYI.

Worse than avoiding people you don’t want to talk to is when you see someone you know, and you go to smile and say something and all you get is a poker face.

Man I’m bad at this whole school thing, I’m probably going to have to go to the library for the first time all semester to get this reading done.

Feel free to judge me on this one, but thanks to my friends at Tokyo Pot, I am 420 chapters into this manga called One Piece lately, and the other day it actually made me cry.  I am confident enough in my masculinity that I can admit it.  Real tears came down my face as I read this comic.  I read, I laugh, and I cry at this stuff.  Don’t hate it until you try it, that’s all I have to say.

I sound like a drug dealer.

I guess I’m going to go read this novel about stock fraud in the library and more importantly be seen reading this novel about stock fraud in the library. Bleh.



P.S. I feel like I wasted an awesome title on a crappy post.  Sorry about that.