I feel like every Spring Break competes with previous Spring Breaks to see which can finish sooner.  So far this year’s Spring Break is winning.

My developmental psych prof scheduled an exam for the day after Spring Break.  To protest, I didn’t study at all.  I’ll show her….

I hate showering at someone else’s house, using their soap, because then  you sit around in their house smelling like them.  Weird.

When you wear a different scent of deodorant for the first time, it’s like someone who smells better than you is following you around all day.

Sometimes I like movie trailers more than actual movies.  It’s got all the best parts of the movie, in two minutes or less.

What'd he expect when he visited the drive through petting zoo?

When I’m driving down the road I usually rock out at near max volume, a one man, seated dance party, but when I pull up to a stoplight I always sheepishly turn down my music and make sure no one is watching.

I saw a sign for a lost white cat named Peaches today.  Why would you name a white cat Peaches??

I swam laps until I puked today.  Hardcore!! Actually it didn’t take long  because I accidentally  inhaled a bunch of pool water.  It’s been a while since I’ve swam.

Over 2000 slightly amused,


P.S. Seriously thanks for the views guys, even if someone out there is just hitting refresh over and over again. My ego isn’t picky.