I have a theory.  Well, it’s less of a theory and more of a different way of looking at life.  It’s not necessarily a helpful one, or one that will change the way you live, but I find it incredibly interesting to think about.

You are not the same person you were yesterday.

Every moment you’re alive you change slightly, you learn something, you grow taller, you grow older, you think about something new. When you add all those moments up, you end up changing significantly.  You’re still technically the same biological person as you were last night, last week, or last year, but you’re a new version of you.  Since you can’t time travel (if you can, what the hell are you doing reading this instead of riding a triceratops??), the older versions of you exist only in the past, separate and unchanging.  When you look at a picture of yourself, you’re not seeing yourself, you’re seeing your past self.

Should we just live to benefit our present selves, because we’ll never truly be able to experience what the future holds? Or should we sacrifice our present self’s happiness to supplement the happiness of our future selves?

For example: when you study for that Chemistry test today, you’re not studying to benefit yourself, you’re studying to benefit your future self.  The same is true for the reverse.  When you play Pokemon all day instead of writing that paper, you act to benefit your present self, and you screw over your future self.  The next time your teacher asks you why you didn’t do your homework, or your boss asks you why you didn’t do what he needed you to do, just blame it on your past self, you can’t control that, what do they think you are, a time traveler??

As I eat this pile of M&M’s directly off my desk, I greatly increase my happiness, but Mr. Diabetes waits around the corner to kick my future self in the nuts and steal his wallet.  It’s okay, I hear Future Andrew is a jerk anyway.

You can easily communicate with your future self by writing a letter or taking a picture. If only you could communicate with  your past self…

Can you say time loop?

Paradoxically yours,

-Past Andrew

P.S. I’m pretty sure that means I just time traveled.