Hey, it’s Friday.

Viewership remains at an all-time high somehow, which compels me to post something.  But nothing has happened since I posted last.  I could tell you about the time when my friend’s family took in a homeless Asian woman without telling him, or the time I almost got the crap beaten out of me by a Special Olympics softball team, but I’d rather just post a few random lawl-worthy pictures and leave those to your imagination.

Also, I have been thinking about doing a weekly short lip dub video for you guys (Flula Borg style).  Everyone likes watching other people look silly right? Let me know if that’d be an amusing thing. If I don’t hear anything I’ll probs just not make myself look like a fool.  Anything for my readers though, eh?

Happy Weekend all,


It's an ironic lack of water, to match our ironic girl pants and ironic lack of deodorant.

Haven't you seen Star Wars? Aliens are ugly.

I wonder how "special" those directions can get......

You have to have played Pokemon. And read a pie chart I suppose.

It's funny because he's a cat......