Ordering things on the internet is way too easy.

That was a 300 dollar click mouse click. Ah.

That’s something else you should know about me, I’m extremely vulnerable to impulses.  You know, that moment of inhibition when you say “screw it” and buy a PS3.

Aint she a beauty?

I do that ALL the time. Seize the moment right? Because you never know if you’re going to die tomorrow.  So it’ll be okay if I die tomorrow.  But then I wouldn’t get to play my PS3, damn..

I’m at least a savvy impulse buyer; it was the same price as at Best Buy, only with no tax, free shipping, and it came with a legit game. I have no self control.

I don’t regret it. (yet)


You know that weird moment where you see someone you kind of know in the grocery store or somewhere, but you’re not sure if you should wave, or nod, or smile, or say hi, or whatever, so you sort of avoid them?  They’re in every aisle after that.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t eat 2 bags of M&M’s and a package of Airhead’s Extremes in one sitting this afternoon.  Somebody stop me.

You think If I mention M&M’s and Airheads Extremes enough I can get a sponsorship deal?

M&M’s and Airheads Extremes are the coins to my self-destruct coin slot.  I’m going down in a colorful, sugary, and probably diabetic blaze of glory.

I don’t know how, but by some fluke my views have skyrocketed lately. Wayyyyy more than usual.  I don’t know if someone out there is just hitting the refresh button over and over on my home page, but to be honest my ego isn’t picky.  Thanks for the support, and tell your social networks!! :)

I just used social networks in a sentence, I’M COOL.

I am now the proud owner of half a Wii and Xbox 360, and a PS3!

The trick to making good decisions is to have no regret. Just take off your glasses when using hindsight.

Impulsively yours,