Nanotechnology- because it’s not about how big your robot is, it’s about how you use it.

I noticed the other day on a Dippin’ Dots stand that it no longer said “The Ice Cream of The Future.”  So either the Dippin’ Dots time machine broke or……WE’RE IN THE FUTURE.

I learned a word today! Wray (v.) – to reveal or disclose. See? it’s not harmful to do crossword puzzles in class!

I hate eating at restaurants alone.  Unless it’s part of a loneliness montage in a movie it’s just awkward and creepy.

Is it weird that it bothers me to eat a corn dog in public? It sucks because I love corn dogs, but there’s no dignified way to eat a corn dog.  No matter how you do it, there is some obvious innuendo…. Maybe it’s just because my mind is in the gutter, but come on, the imagery is apparent.  Not going to post a picture here, do a Google Image search, I dare you.

I think I’ve fallen in love with a random girl on myspace I stumbled across whilst looking for appropriate corn dog pictures….

Don't give me that. This was the picture that brought me to her page, so you can leave your judgmental pants at home.

No really she’s perfect, she loves crosswords, she’s ridiculously attractive in a cute but refined way, she likes Flight of the Conchords, Jimmy Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Regina Spektor, she has videos of herself looking beautiful and beautifully playing piano, she has an adorable daschund named Maude, and if she dies she doesn’t want anyone to f*** up her Myspace page with RIP comments and s***.

Wow, this is a lesson to everyone out there to be careful about just how much information you put on your profile, or else some random guy with a blog might fall in love with you as a result of a Google Image search for corn dogs.

But, if I just described your MySpace page, call me, because we’re totally soul mates. ;)

Also I noticed that no one on MySpace has updated their status since 2009…. Was there a mass extinction I didn’t hear about? Or did MySpace just fly into a black hole?

Now I’m really hungry for a corn dog.

::UPDATE:: I didn’t have any corn dogs so I decided to have soup, but the bowl was slightly too small for the amount of soup that was in the can. I discovered this after I poured the entire can in the bowl (or rather, in and around the bowl).  Oh and I couldn’t microwave it because there was soup all over the bowl so I ate it cold.  Freaking soup…. Should have had a hot pocket.

Before I spiral any further out of the realm of readability,