Most likely a result of the snowy void in the middle of the week, Friday really snuck up on me.  Like a Ninja…. For me it’s a bonus weekend, because in my mind it’s still around Wednesday.

Wow, in writing that last line I realized that snuck is not actually a word.  Thank you spell check.  Apparently, the proper word is sneaked…

But the debate rages on, a note I found on says:

First recorded in writing toward the end of the 19th century in the United States, snuck has become in recent decades a standard variant tense and past participle of the verb sneak: Bored by the lecture, he snuck out the side door. Snuck occurs frequently in fiction and journalistic writing as well as on radio  and television.  It is not so common in highly formal or belletristic writing, where sneaked is more likely to occur. Snuck is the only spoken past tense and past participle for many younger and middle-aged persons of all educational levels in the U.S. and Canada. Snuck has occasionally been considered nonstandard, but it is so widely used by professional writers and educated speakers that it can no longer be so regarded.

So after my extensive, two site research I have concluded, SUCK IT, spell check.  Oh sorry, I meant to say SNUCK IT, spell check.

If you’re a bikini-clad, well proportioned woman, stay away from crocodile or piranha-filled water, because apparently the only way you can get out of any sort of lake or pool  is in slow motion.

Quantity of inspiration for any writing I do is directly proportional to the amount of time spent staring blankly at the ceiling.

Browsing iTunes this morning I noticed an ad: 69 cent love songs just added. Really iTunes? REALLY? Way to keep it classy.

I could say Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented and perpetuated by the greeting card and candy companies to turn a profit, but then I would sound lonely and bitter.  So I better not.

I thought about making a shirt that says SINGLE, but I figure the fact that I blog and play Minecraft daily illustrates that just as well.

Suburbia can be a rough place. And you're right, nobody understands you.

Try new Bacon flavored water! All the fun of water with none of the artery clogging goodness of Bacon!

Watch Jurassic Park and Rat Race.... Then this will be funny.

^ Found this video today from Rymdreglage/Ninja Moped, the guys who made 8-bit trip, my mind is once again blown. ^

It’s the weekend,