What’s on my mind today? MODERNFAMILY. Watch it. Tonight.

I’ve discovered there is a very fine line between sexily mysterious and creepy.

I enjoy long, dramatically reflective showers.

It’s snowing and sunny at the same time, so the snowflakes look like glitter.  It’s like I won the Super Bowl of Cold as Balls. That or a really big stripper party in the sky just went either horribly awry or REALLY well.  I’ll know if it starts raining singles next.

I’m braindead today.  Some lawlworthy pictures to supplement my lack of content:

Probably about basketball and easily changing light bulbs.

Wondercat uses her invisible bike to save the living room from not-coolness.

He so would, don't give me that.

A screenshot from Star Wars Episode 3.5: The Poking Menace


Um, yeah.

Sorry about that,