[No explanation here.]

They say quantum physics is only a theory, but the Del Monte fruit company has been using quantum physics for years.  No matter how or where you open a fruit cup, 60% of the juice ends up on your crotch. My only explanation? WORM HOLES.

Opening a fruit cup opens a portal straight to your crotch, be careful.

My Econ professor today said that it’s impossible to truly quantify happiness and put it on a graph.   I say that’s false.  For me, just stick a topographical map of Candy Mountain on graph paper. Happiness.

God, I think somebody set the thermostat for my floor to tropical rainforest.  Or else the OSU jazzercise club meets in my room daily, at whenever I’m not there o-clock.  It’s hot, humid, and smells like instant lunch and conception. Welcome to Parker Hall.

Style points are everything.

If anyone was wondering, ARomDoms is a cute shortening of Andrew Romans dominates, and it rhymes with “.com”  so yeah.  Nothing kinky, you freak. Just to clear that up.

My writing process? Ready, publish, proofread. Oops.

This will surely affect the inheritance.

That awkward moment when a random old person or relative you forgot to hide your Facebook statii from comments on your status about the inappropriateness of it.  Sir Joseph Buzzkillington III commented on your status: “I find your utter lack of morals disturbing, and shall henceforth begin a discussion of the importance of moral and fiscal conservatism on the world wide web.”

So far the biggest question in College has been, “how long can I use this before I have to wash it?” The answer? You don’t want to know.  A long time.

Here’s hoping I survive the third blizzard in Oklahoma history tonight,


P.S. Feedback about what you like and don’t like in my blog posts is greatly appreciated! Especially the stuff you like…. It’ll help me figure out a theme or general blog niche to fit in.  Unless it’s fine just the way it is, in which case, awesome.