My test fatigued brain is currently unable to muster the effort required to produce even the simplest of transitions between thoughts. The following will be an experiment in stream of consciousness blogging. Otherwise known as a complete waste of time, but I don’t want to skip a day.

The ground is covered in dirty slushie that gets in my shoes when I walk anywhere. We’re expected to get another blizzard this week, at least it’ll be clean slushie in my shoes now. 

I once clicked on one of those obviously fake dating sites in a Facebook advertisement.  I swear I’m not into Hot Christian Singles with photo-shopped boobs in tiny white t-shirts. Unless they’re into me.. in which case, praise Jesus and the push up bra.

OSU requires all freshmen to purchase a meal plan, which can be spent at any on campus dining location.  Based on the number of times I go to the convenience store exclusively for candy (many many times), mine is less of a meal plan and more of a candy plan.  Helloooo diabetes.

To the cute girl I saw on my way to class today, “hey.”

I shamelessly fix my hair in every mirror, window, and slightly reflective object I come across.


I’ve got homework to do,