I sort of hoped my snowman would write the paper due tomorrow for me… Guess not.  That’s the thanks I get for bringing it into the world?? Enjoy that sun tomorrow, douche.

The impending doom of a Friday where I have to go to school tomorrow heavy on my mind, I find it increasingly difficult to write a paper I have known was due tomorrow for weeks.  Yet here I blog, paper unfinished.

::UPDATE:: 2 snot freezing trips to the convenience store and a lengthy Facebook check later and here I sit, paper unwritten. I blame you, Lady Winter. Welcoming me into your cold, snowy bosom for 3 days whole days in the middle of the week. I had to focus all my effort on simply surviving in this desolate, frozen tundra.  I couldn’t be bothered with trivial things like essays when there was the possibility of losing my toes in my sleep or being ambushed by a wayward yeti on my way to dinner.

I’ve got to cut this blog short, because I really do have to write this paper.  All these bloggish thoughts in my head will have to wait, faithful reader.


P.S. You could have a rave in any given parking lot on the OSU campus because of all the flashing tow truck lights.  There will be carnage tomorrow, OSU.  I wish I had another snow day.  I only have one 50 minute class tomorrow. I am a lazy bastard.

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