All I know about the weather is what I can see from my dorm room window.  Also from the internet, but that isn’t quite as profound.

Oklahoma’s relationship with snow is like a quick romantic fling.  It comes in one day, everyone falls in love because it’s so rare and beautiful, and it’s 75º, sunny and muddy the next day.  This is in contrast to the North’s relationship with snow, which I picture more as the nagging spouse relationship.  It starts off fresh and pretty, and it’s fun for a few days but it doesn’t leave, accumulating dirt on the side of the road making it turn gray.  When it gets to the point where you have to shovel the snow off of your snow, and you don’t remember what grass looks like, you start to consider taking out an expensive life insurance policy on snow and then making it have a mysterious accident….  So as you can imagine, two snow days in a row is like finding two pots of gold under a double rainbow, only less less vivid and more white.  And I’m pretty sure I know what it means, it means that it remains colder than an antarctic brothel, and the road crews in Oklahoma handle snow like a 3 year old handles a greased up beach ball.

Most people complain about going stir crazy when they can’t get out and do stuff because of weather, but it makes me happier, because I do this every day, I just have an excuse now.  Besides, I have everything I need right here, Facebook, my ass to sit on, and ramen.  Stir crazy for most, stir contented for me.  I’m also a sledding fiend, so the more interrupted hours I can spend burying my face in snow at the bottom of a hill that’s probably too steep the better. [see video] 

Still trying to figure out a theme for this blog, and all I’ve come up with so far are the words brief, not a diary, and average. Sticking with the theme of brief today, uh, kablam. Andrew out.

Yours tooly,